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Mobile Radiation Protection Shield Model KC
Model: KC
mmPb: Visible: 2.0mmPb 3.0mmPb 4.0mmPb, Invisible: 1.0mmPb, Side: 0.5mmPb
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Product Introduction
Mobile Radiation Protection Shield Model KC

Product Description:
Category: Radiation Protection Device -> Medical Radiation Protection Shield Series -> Mobile Radiation Protection Shield
Model: KC
Product introduction: KC radiation protection shield is an X-ray protection device used in medical institutions, such as operating rooms and radiation therapy rooms.It can provide on-the-spot radiation protection to protect medical staff and patients from radiation exposure.
Key features and functions of the mobile radiation protection shield include:
1. Protective material: KC radiation protection shield is made of protective lead material with a radiation shielding effect. Lead has a high density and can effectively absorb and block X-rays.
2. Wheeled structure: KC radiation protection shield has a mobile design for the convenience of moving and adjusting positions when needed in order to provide flexible protection performance.
3. Clean and maintenance: KC radiation protection shield is made of easy-to-clean materials, which is convenient for daily maintenance and cleaning to ensure its hygiene and continuous use.
For detailed product information and technical specifications, please contact us for customized solutions.
Frame material: stainless steel
Overall size: 900x1800mm (width x height)   1200x1800mm (width x height)
Visual protective screen size: 900x300mm (width x height)   900x600mm (width x height)
                                               900x900mm (width x height)   1200x300mm (width x height)
                                               1200x600mm (width x height)   1200x900mm (width x height)
Visible protective screen standard lead equivalent options: 2.0mmPb 3.0mmPb 4.0mmPb
Invisible protective screen standard lead equivalent options: 1.0mmPb
Side protective screen size: 600x600mm (width x height)
Side protective screen lead equivalent: 0.5mmPb
(Mobile radiation protection shields can be customized in different sizes and lead equivalents based on customer needs.)
Registered and Certification: Has passed ISO9001 & ISO13485 quality system certification, EU CE, US FDA registered (click to view certifications)
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