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Mobile X-ray Adjustable shielding device Model KE-3A
Model: KE-3A
mmPb: 0.5mmPb
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Product Introduction
Mobile X-ray Adjustable shielding device Model KE-3A

Product Description:
Category: Radiation Protection Device -> Mobile X-ray Adjustable shielding device
Model: KE-3A
Product introduction: KE-3A X-ray shielding device is used in the X-ray examination room of medical facilities to protect medical staff and patients from radiation exposure. It mainly include the following protective features:
Lead curtains: Lead curtains with appropriate thickness are usually installed on the back and side of the shielding device to absorb and block X-rays. The lead curtain is usually made of lead rubber material with high density and absorption capacity to shield X-rays.
Frame material: stainless steel
Lead curtain standard lead equivalent: 0.5mmPb
Lead curtain size: Upper curtain size: 660x320mm (width x height)
Lower curtain size: 660x440mm (width x height)
Registered and Certification: Has passed ISO9001 & ISO13485 quality system certification, EU CE, US FDA registered (click to view certifications)
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